S2 [sweə US swer] v past tense swore [swo: US swo:r] past participle sworn [swo:n US swo:rn]
1¦(offensive language)¦
3¦(state the truth)¦
4 somebody could have sworn (that) ...
5¦(public promise)¦
6 swear somebody to secrecy/silence
Phrasal verbs
 swear by something
 swear somebody<=>in
[: Old English; Origin: swerian]
to use rude and offensive language
Don't swear in front of the children.
swear at
He turned round and swore at me.
2.) ¦(PROMISE)¦ [T]
to promise that you will do something
swear (that)
Victor swore he would get his revenge.
swear to do sth
Mona swore never to return home.
Do you swear on your honour (=promise very strongly) that you will never tell anyone?
3.) ¦(STATE THE TRUTH)¦ [I and T] [i]informal
to say very strongly that what you are saying is true
I never touched your purse, I swear!
swear (that)
He says he was there all the time, but I swear I never saw him.
swear blind
BrE (=say very strongly)
She swore blind that she had never seen him before.
I never touched her, I swear to God .
I think it was about ten o'clock when we left, but I couldn't swear to it (=I am not certain) .
4.) sb could have sworn (that) ...
used to say that someone was sure about something but now they think they were wrong
I could have sworn I had my keys.
5.) ¦(PUBLIC PROMISE)¦ [I and T]
to make a public official promise, especially in a court of law
swear on
Witnesses have to swear on the Bible.
Remember that you have sworn an oath and so must tell the truth
Presidents must swear allegiance to the US constitution.
6.) swear sb to secrecy/silence
to make someone promise not to tell anyone what you have told them
>swearing n [U]
He was cautioned for swearing.
lots of shouting and swearing
swear by [swear by sth] phr v
to have great confidence in how good or effective something is
He swears by vitamin C pills.
swear in [swear sb<=>in] phr v
if someone with a new public job or position is sworn in, they make an official promise to do their duty well
The new governor will be sworn in next week.
The jury have not yet been sworn in.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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